Tuesday, June 24, 2014

setting a table

As a real, live adult (with a son due in a matter of days!?), I've been worried about knowing how to do, well, stuff.

As a soon-to-be parent, I want to be able to share sage life advice on everything from how address an envelope to how not to interrupt people in conversation. Perhaps that's why I've been enjoying sites like 1,001 Rules for Unborn Son and Advice for Boys (check out my handsome husband featured here). Can we just say THANK YOU to the internet for existing?

It is in this sentiment that I stumbled across the most handy cheat sheet for setting a table on Pinterest. Pulled originally from the blog Waiting on Martha, these handy (and pretty!) pics are sure to make dinner prep for a casual family meal or a fancy dinner party a breeze.


(images via Pinterest, originally from Waiting on Martha)

Friday, May 23, 2014

mara hoffman swimsuits at madewell

Let's just say it will be several more weeks before I feel "swimsuit ready" this season. To quote everyone's favorite preggo, Juno, I'm currently feeling like "a planet."

Still, the weather is gorgeous and it is Memorial Day weekend so why not take a peek at some gorgeous swimwear?

NYC based designer Mara Hoffman is known for her bright, bold prints. This season, she's done a swimsuit collaboration with Madewell that has my tongue wagging. If these don't make you want to book a beach vacation yesterday, perhaps you are just more of a mountain/hiking kind of person?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

re: design new look and new shop!

So proud to see my pal L's awesome design blog re: design banging out some awesome new content! Isn't it lovely?

I've bragged about L's major talents here before. She's even the design mind behind this very site's stylish look if you didn't already know...

This week she upped the ante and shared her swoon worthy design SHOP! That's right, you can get your very own t-shirts, tote bags and more featuring her rad designs. Check it out here.

I'll take one of everything, please. Congrats, L!

may instagram jams

Hey, May!

We've been graced with an amazing spring here in Nashville. Apart from a few hot days, temps have been mild and we've seen our fair share of blue skies. 

As we gear up for Memorial Day weekend, here are few snaps from the past month to remind us to soak in last little bit of springtime weather before the heat hits. 

Speaking of "soaking things in," S and I should also try to soak in as many zzz's as possible before our little man arrives in the next few weeks!

the sweetest nautical onesie from Tweed Baby Outfitters here in Nash
tastes of the season: angel food cake with marinated berries-the easiest and tastiest homemade dessert
 Lady Libby is one happy girl
 8 month bump
 "haint" blue ceiling and fluffy green leaves on our old porch
 hanging tiny paintings in our kitchen....everything "they" say about nesting is true
 a new rug or a new bed?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

office nook

One of the most perplexing sections of our little cottage is the back room. It's part mudroom, part laundry area, part reading nook...it's got a lot of names...and a ton of potential! One thing S and I agree on is that we could totally use this space in a better way. We could also totally use a home office. Decision? Made (Amy Poehler voice).

After living in a cramped one bedroom apartment in NYC for years, we are pretty proud of our ability to make the most of a small space. With that in mind, here are a few of the prettiest little office nooks I've come across on Pinterest.  Filing these away for inspiration!

Monday, April 28, 2014

april instagram jams

Life has been moving forward at warp speed over the past few months. Someone how we are already in the middle of a beautiful spring season and we've been enjoying every moment of it.

Here are a few snaps of some of our favorite moments from the past few weeks.

sandal weather, baby bumps and springy green grass
 pretty pizza pics from Two Boots Nashville
 celebrating Record Store Day 2014 at  Jack White's house
a night out with a delicious dinner and a delicious date
cozy moments at home on rainy Saturday afternoon

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

sabrina arnault

Mad about these creations by French illustrator Sabrina Arnault. Based in Montreal, the artist's work is delightfully simple and elegant but wonderfully playful at the same time.

One of my favorite things about working in children's books had to be the importance of artwork in books for younger readers. Even though I was on the editorial side of things, participating in the selection of the images used to tell a story was delightful...coming across images like Arnault's sends my imagination running wild with fun book ideas.

I first spotted these images on the blog miss moss. Check out her original post on Ms. Arnault here.