Monday, March 25, 2013

"bird brain" print

Digging on this whimsical "bird brain" print from Meghan Ellie's Etsy shop. I find the combination of an old fashioned silhouette and photography bizarrely calming. It feels like a daydream.

If you like it too, it could be yours for $25. Head here to purchase.

(image via etsy)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

currently cooking: eggs in purgatory

The fastest way to S's heart is to serve him Eggs in Purgatory as a part of a surprise Sunday brunch.

A favorite brunch dish from our college restaurant, we've sorted out a way to replicate the delicious, briny taste of the Italian inspired egg dish.

We based our recipe on Mario Batali's Uova in Purgatorio recipe (click here to access it), but made a few tiny tweaks to keep it true to the taste we missed from our college days.

a swell get up for...those brisk March mornings

March always sounds like springtime with daffodils and daylight savings time, but more often than not I find myself reaching for a scarf or a light jacket to see me through that morning chill. While the mornings may feel brisk, the afternoons turn sunny, almost warm, down here in Nashville.

The above Olsen twin impersonator has the right idea. Layering a classic jeans and t-shirt combo with a tailored blazer and a light scarf, keeps you warm in the morning while offering the chance to shed those layers as the day goes on.

Rolled up jeans and a killer pair of tall sandals, keep you springy enough to handle those weekend errands, meet friends for coffee or even an after work margarita on patio somewhere. Aviator shades optional.

Get the look below.

a swell get up for...those brisk

Navy boyfriend blazer, Topshop, $70
Organic scoop neck tee, John Patrick, $92
Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, J. Crew, $145
Blue linen scarf, John Lewis, $45
Crossbody envelope bag, Aldo, $ 35
Distressed skinny jeans, J Brand, $213
Brown heel sandals, Zara, $90

(image via walking around where the sidewalk ends)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

peony candle

Anyone who has ever been to our place knows how obsessed I am with candles.

They instantly "cozy up" any space. From our tiny apartment back in NYC to our condo here in Nashville (and soon our first house), candles make any space feel special and intimate.

My current favorite flavor is Hothouse Peony by Royal Apothic ($26). The scent is deliciously floral with a hint of sandalwood. It makes the whole place smell magical.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

rebel, rebel

Part menswear and part spaceman, these silvery Rebel loafers are a fun way to bring a little Ziggy Stardust to that normal day at the office.

Lucky for you spring shoe shoppers, these bad boys are currently on sale at Piperlime for a most reasonable price. Head here to purchase.

(image via bloomingdales)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Currently listening to the upbeat Generationals on this sunny afternoon.

This indie rock duo hails from New Orleans. They've put out a few albums since 2009, but I can't get enough of 2010 release "Trust."

The song "Say for Certain" is currently my most favorite running jam. Hear it below.

spring is in the air

This excerpt from e.e. cummings's poem "i love you much (most beautiful darling) might make the ultimate love note.

These lines would be wonderful to incorporate into wedding festivities. The phrase: "i like you better than everything in the sky" seems like a lovely sentiment to engrave on the inside of a wedding band, no?

(images via modern hepburn)

Monday, March 11, 2013

GIRLS paper dolls

Is there anything worse than staying home sick on a Monday? Perhaps it's the nerd in me, but I really love the promise of a new week. Too bad the beginning of this week finds me couch surfing with a bottle of Nyquil, a binky and toasty puppy foot warmer.

In between naps, I used the time to catch up on GIRLS. Love it or hate it (I happen to love it...from the very first episode, by the by...), the show has been getting a ton of attention/praise/criticism.

Being a fan, I flipped for New York Mag's printable paper dolls of the Girls and the Guys of Girls. Pretty cute.

Here's a quick peek:

Monday, March 4, 2013

chalkboard walls

Would you ever turn a wall of your home into chalkboard? How about the inside of a pantry door? A playroom?

With my penchant for list making and love of cooking, I'm kind of digging the idea of painting some part of our kitchen with chalkboard paint. It's apparently as easy as buying a can from your local Home Depot.

a friendly sweatshirt

Why, hello yourself! This friendly sweatshirt from Hello Merch makes me smile.

Even though S constantly teases me about loving "sweats" (for the record an American Apparel oversized sweatshirt and yoga pants are totally different from a random sweatsuit, ok?), I'm thinking of snagging one of the above shirts in blue or green.