Wednesday, June 26, 2013

lord huron

Lord Huron's album "Lonesome Dreams" is my current summer jam.

The indie folk five piece hails from Los Angeles. Fronted by Michigan native Ben Schneider, the band began as a one man show. Over time Schneider grew the band's sound and head count by inviting other members who are mostly comprised of childhood friends. I very much enjoy this fact.

If you listen closely, you may notice shades of the Fleet Fox sound in some of Lord Huron's more dramatic songs. Still, there's enough of a steady mix of drama and upbeat melody to keep me coming back to this album again and again.

Check out the awesome video for "Time to Run" below. May I also highly recommend "Ends of the Earth" and "She Lit a Fire?"

(images via and gatheringofthevibes)

Monday, June 24, 2013

"it's no biggie"

 photo tumblr_mkwg6bjsAM1r4ibs7o1_500_zpsd97f6821.gif 
Have you guys seen the adorable blog it's no biggie?

The site features charmingly illustrated gifs. The illustration style reminds me of the movie The Snowman.

These are a few of my favorites.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

a swell getup for...a summer concert

Summertime is hot, but that's no reason to let the humidity bring you down.

With so many awesome outdoor events (like... perhaps the Americanarama Festival of Music on June 29th featuring Bob Dylan, Wilco and My Morning Jacket...oh my!), the above ensemble looks festive while keeping it low maintenance.

A breezy cotton embroidered dress with a crossbody bag keeps your hands free. Paired with a smart pair of shades on an unexpected gold chain and an effortless top knot, this get up is prepared to battle those hot Southern summer temps. Pair with flat summer sandals to keep those dogs comfortable.

Get the look below:
a swell getup for...a summer concert

Sunglasses Chain, asos, $6
Brown woven belt, H & M, $12.95
Gold watch, Michael Kors, $180
Sunglasses, Ray-Ban Clubmasters, $150
Embroidered cotton dress (similar style here), Madewell, $165
Coral Lipstick, NARS, $29
Thin gold chain necklace, Lindsay Adelman, $230
Brown crossbody bag, Merona, $23
Flat sandals, asos, $19

(top image via cali vintage tumblr)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

new sofia

Sofia Coppola's latest flick The Bling Ring hits theaters this weekend and I (like most of the ladies I know) am excited to check it out.

I fell hard for The Virgin Suicides when I caught it in theaters back in high school (ouch, age). Talk about an awkward first date...

Monday, June 17, 2013

{me}longings studio pillows

Setting up house can be feel like a daunting experience. Deciding where to hang a favorite mirror takes back seat to locating those day to day necessities like shampoo and work clothes.

Slowly but surely we've begun to chip away at the seemingly endless task of getting settled. We ordered a new white sofa, but are still in the market for the perfect throw pillows. After all, aren't the details the best part?

{me}longings studio's "organic modern textiles" are printed by hand and oh so lovely.

Here are a few of our favorites of their designs (above and below) that are more than welcome to come and live at our house.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

splash dyed

Etsy shop twostringjane has a darling collection of knits and tees.

Perhaps it's the Bonnaroo fever currently pulsing through Nashville, but I can't help but think these colorful splashed cottons would make an ideal get up for a festival weekend.

I know one little hippie near and dear to my heart who would almost certainly agree. Definite birthday gift contender, Beastly. You have been warned.

Etsy shop here.

(images via twostringjane)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

watermelon soda float

I'm sorry. What's that you say? A soda float made with fresh watermelon? Somewhere in Nashville my husband's mind was just blown. "How refreshing!"

This summery concoction features frozen Greek lime yogurt combined with zesty, bubbly watermelon soda and garnished with melon balls (cantaloupe and/or honeydew are suggested). I believe I will take my float poolside.

Visit Bon Appetit's site for the full recipe.

Monday, June 10, 2013

"put your records on..."

Everyone knows that my dear S if far more hip than me. He's had a record player for awhile now. He's matched it well with a wide (and sometimes bizarre...) variety of vinyl.

The tunes it spins have been a welcome addition to our condo and helped our rented place feel like home.

Now that we are in the process of moving into our new house here in Nashville, we can't stop picturing backyard soirees with old fashioned soundtracks.

After spotting this adorable (and portable!) record player on Amazon for a cool $80...

my thoughts exactly...

Monday? Woof.

Hang in there dear ones. It's not that bad!

(image via modern hepburn)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

half moon necklaces

Kate Miss (behind the blog For Me, For You) creates some striking pieces for her jewelry collection.

At the top of my list are two of her half moon-shaped necklace creations.

One is bold,

...and the other dainty.

Both would look lovely paired with breezy summer cottons.

Visit Kate's full shop here.

(images via Kate Miss shop)