Monday, May 9, 2011

currently cooking: derby day party

In the spring of the year S and I moved to NYC, we invited a few pals over to enjoy the running of the Kentucky Derby with a classic mint julep.

Now, four years and a half years later, our Derby Day Party has become the sort of lovely "family" tradition that reminds us how much New York has become home over the past few years.

So, on Saturday, our apartment was again filled with friends, flowers, finger foods and frosty glasses. Did our horses win? Nah (but Pants on Fire still has the best name).

Here's a peek at the first round of food on our Derby Day table.

Some of the menu highlights included pimento cheese finger sandwiches, BLT sliders and hot buffalo chicken dip (served with celery). Health food? Not exactly.

Still, the star of the show was, as always, the mint julep.

The hubs and I are what you might call mint julep purists. Our only tweak to the recipe below has to do with the cup in which this sweet concoction is served.

Instead of the traditional julep glass

we opt to serve ours in a set of vintage milk glass goblets we scored at an antique store back home in Mississippi.

Check out our tried-and-true julep recipe here.

(images courtesy daddy o's martini, esquire, and antiques navigator)

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