Friday, April 6, 2012

miss lily's favourite cakes

Nothing beats a warm and sunny date night. S and I headed down to the West Village last evening to try out Jamaican hot spot Miss Lily's Favourite Cakes.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by two beautiful, statuesque Jamaican women (models?) who led us thorough the bar area to a back room decorated floor to ceiling with old Jamaican vinyl.

Judging from the DJ booth in the corner and the disco ball hanging above, the back room is where the dance party happens later in the evening...

Since our reservations were early, we kept it focused on the food.

We started things off with the curried lobster jaquitos (Carribean-style tacos).

These babies were tiny, but the perfect size to prep the palette for the main event.

The jerk chicken!
This is the stuff that dreams are made from. Spicy, tender and delicious, this chicken is a new fave. Served with a cool marinated cucumber salad and extra jerk sauce on the side (if you dare), this plate was worth the visit alone.

Need more proof? See S in action.

We were too full to try any dessert, but something tells me we will be going back pretty soon.

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(images courtesy largeup, gemma bell, ye trusty iphone)

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