Monday, February 25, 2013

long time, no see!

Happy Monday, long lost friends! Remember me?

To say that my postings have been infrequent over the past few months would be too kind. What can I say? It's been hectic. The move, a big birthday, opening a restaurant and buying our first house? Yeah...not too much to update you on...

For now, I'll gloss over those details to say simply "I'm baacck."

On that note, I'm obsessed with lovely lady's glasses in the above shot. They look strikingly similar to these Ricky frames from Lookmatic.

I'm considering ordering a pair of those very Lookmatic frames for $95. Though they are the same price as Warby Parker's specs, Lookmatic offers both medium and large sizes making melon heads like myself most grateful.

(image via modern hepburn and lookmatic)

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  1. All of the pictures of girls on here, seriously look like you. I miss you!