Tuesday, October 15, 2013

always steamed (never fried)

Isn't this ceramic Japanese Steamer Set from Anthro lovely? I wish it would come live in my kitchen.

As my dear ones know, my love for dumplings knows no bounds. While some of you weirdos may prefer your dumplings fried, I will always and forever prefer steamed.

Back in NYC, our proximity to Chinatown and the amazing dim sum options offered there kept my dumpling habit fueled. Since moving to Nashville, however, I have yet to find the perfect dumpling spot to get my fix.

Luckily, the always awesome food blog spoon fork bacon features a delectable recipe for Shrimp Shumai with Ponzu Sauce that I'm desperate to try!

You can check out the full recipe on their site. This pot stickers recipe also looks intriguing...if we switched the skillet out for the steamer of course.

Dumpling party, anyone?

(images via anthropologie and spoon fork bacon)

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