Tuesday, November 5, 2013

currently cooking: goan style shrimp curry

Now that chilly temps are here to stay, I've found my self craving hearty, comfort foods. Since S and I are fans of spicy, we decided to whip up one of KJB's favorite one pot meals, Goan Style Shrimp Curry.

We have been craving Indian flavors lately and we were excited to use them in our own kitchen. Curry powder, turmeric, fresh grated ginger and coconut milk are a few of the ingredients that make this vibrant dish so delicious.

Measuring the ingredients...

before adding the coconut milk to the tomato based sauce.
Adding spices like curry powder and turmeric give the sauce a wonderful electric color. Next, shrimp!

Simmering the curry with fresh cilantro. For best results? Serve with rice.

You can get the full recipe (originally printed in the New York Times) here. Happy cooking!

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