Tuesday, February 18, 2014

black and white sheets

Sleep has become more important than ever before. Being pregnant has made me ready for a nap pretty much all day, everyday. Combined with a long, gray February and jam packed schedules, S and I have been taking our sleep quarters very seriously. After all, it won't be long before our little one is keeping us up all hours, right?

One of our favorite new bedroom additions are the gorgeous black and white sheets above. Gifted to us by my thoughtful mother, they came from West Elm (purchase link here). They are soft, fun and put me in a good mood every morning when I wake up in them.

The top images are from the blog House Tweaking. Dana Miller has major style. Check it out for serious home inspiration. 

Here are a few other pretty black and white patterned sleeping situations that are sure to make you wake up happy.

What's that they say about "the little things?"

(top images via house tweaking, bottom images pulled from pinterest)

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