Tuesday, March 25, 2014

happy birthday, mister rogers

As a child, my Nana would ONLY let me watch PBS. This meant I spent a ton of time with Mister Rogers while my parents were at work. He was my absolute favorite.

When I heard of his passing in 2003, I was, like I'm sure a ton of kids from my generation were, really, really sad.

A few weeks ago the sweet doc "Mister Rogers and Me" caught my eye on PBS and it was wonderfully refreshing to learn more about the man behind the show. Fred was an unbelievably swell guy in real life as well. He spent his summers with family in a Nantucket cottage called "The Crooked House." He was also a vegetarian because he didn't want to "eat anything that had a mother."

Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers. Nostalgic moment complete.

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