Friday, March 25, 2011

manly treats

I'm proud to say that my fella is quite dapper. He's always well-dressed. He also uses some really swell products that I often covet (naughty). While I'd like to take credit for discovering all of them, alas, I can only claim the discovery of a few...

So, without further adieu, check out this lady-approved list of (non-exclusive) man treats.

1. Molton Brown Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Wash

(image courtesy molton brown)

This "clean, masculine" scent is most delicious. It's black pepper fragrance isn't overwhelming, and the smell is both relaxing and "re-charging" (hence the name) which is ideal for early mornings when getting ready for work sounds like a total drag.

2. (MALIN + GOETZ) Sage Styling Cream

(image courtesy malin + goetz)

S brought home this rocking hair product following a trip to F.S.C. Barbers in the Village (a Christmas gift recommendation that included an old fashioned shave spotted on the always awesome Cup of Jo.)

Short story long? This is a grand styling product. It adds subtle control to a short boy style without being reminiscent of Pauly D. from Jersey Shore. Fist pump!

It also smells quietly lovely.

3. L'Occitan Eau de Toilette

(image courtesy L'Occitane)

For the most part, I hate cologne. It reminds me of awkward junior high school dances when boys would douse themselves in overly fragrant, often unfortunate, man smells that most likely came from their daddy's medicine cabinets. Was this ever a scene in Freaks and Geeks? If not, it totally should have been...

That being said, this peppery nutmeg scent is the antithesis of any smell that would ever be found in a school gym. It's welcoming, masculine and reminds me of mine and S's first date.

4. Clinique for Men Face Scrub

(image courtesy clinique)

Touted by Clinique as a "pre-shave essential" this reviving face scrub serves nicely as a low maintenance face wash that makes shaving a cinch (aka no more toilet paper specs to hastily remove as we dash out the door).

5. Sonicare Advance Electric Toothbrush

(image courtesy electric toothbrush reviews)

This bad boy has become a new favorite in our household. Not only does it give you that dentist clean feeling at least twice-a-day, it also erases any hint of dreaded cigar breath. This comes in quite handy for my guy.

Work it, boys!

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