Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend when I found myself experiencing a mini-facial at the Laura Mercier counter in Bloomingdale's, I was mildly panicked at the amount of dough I would feel guilted into shelling out following my "session."

The good news? The mini facial was amazing. The even better news? I walked away with only two of the products. Hooray for willpower (and carefully saved birthday gift cards).

So far, I've become so obsessed with both of these purchases that I must insist any of you readers with sensitive skin march right out and pick them up for yourselves.

First up, Laura Mercier's One-Step Cleanser.

This miracle worker glides onto skin to remove even the most serious make-up jobs (including mascara). Apply and massage into dry skin, then rinse away. Your skin will be super clean, but still hydrated. Lovely!

Second, Laura Mercier's Perfecting Water Moisture Mist.

This toner is unlike any I've ever used before. Instead of relying on cotton balls or pads to apply, this hydrating toner is actually sprayed onto the face and decolletage. Quite refreshing!

(images courtesy laura mercier, bloomingdale's and sephora)

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