Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Do you wear hats?

My chic pal L and I were contemplating this very question as she purchased a most adorable topper from Anthropologie last week as a gift. We determined that most people "like" hats, but few actually purchase them for themselves (unless you're heading to the Royal Wedding, of course).

As summer and beach adventures approach, I'm feeling like a hat might be just the ticket. New York Mag's recent article "The No-Hands Parasol" has me interested. The article says "out with the fedora" and in with the wide-brimmed floppy hat.

This straw number pictured with the article would make even the most basic beach get-up pretty. Bonus? Major skin protection from the sun.

I like this saucy straw number spotted in The Millinery Shop's Etsy store.

I heart how the brim slants down over one eye. How mysterious! Very Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

(images courtesy new york mag and the millinery shop)

P.S. The lovely L just scored a new hat of her very own. How adorable is she?

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  1. Indeed! I think I'm going to opt for a wide-brimmed hat this summer.