Monday, October 24, 2011


Wow-Mondays are never easy. This Monday, however, is off to an exceptionally ridiculous start.

Saw the hubs off on a business trip at 5 a.m. this morning only to discover that our building had shut off the hot water due to busted pipe. Cold showers all around!

Combine that lovely feeling with the car alarm that went off for the next half hour and you might begin to grasp how wonderful of a mood I was in as I spilled a bowl of oatmeal down the front of my black pants. Think that sounds bad?

While walking to the subway, a pigeon flew into my shoulder. This is not a joke!?

Still, the weekend was wonderful, the sun is out and my mom is coming to visit. The day has to be on the up and up, right?

At least one thing is for sure, it's almost a mathematical certainty that body to body contact with another pigeon today is unlikely.

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