Monday, June 11, 2012

bearded fellows

 Paul McCartney with a beard is magical.

 Beards or no beards? That is the question.

As of late, the hubs decided to let loose. S has been growing a beard for the past few weeks. Despite the fact that it's terribly scratchy, I have to say I'm digging the results.

Judge for yourself below.

hunky beard on date night

the beard rides a boat

the beard takes his first awkward self photo

Yay, beard!

P.S. Remember this post? Best. chart. ever.

P.P.S. Before the beard got too serious, S shaved it in advance of a pal's wedding where he was a groomsman. RIP, beard.


  1. Beards are hot. Always. Face hair for liiife!

  2. I hear you. I sure do love yours. BLAMMO! ;) xoxo