Thursday, June 21, 2012

sailing away

S and I were looking for the right way to say goodbye to NYC.

How do you say goodbye to your first home together? New York was the place we got engaged, forged our careers, lived our first years as newlyweds... It wasn't going to be easy, but leave it to him to surprise me with the perfect way to say "so long."

I'd always wanted to go sailing so you can imagine how thrilled I was when S surprised me with tickets for a Sunday afternoon sail down the Hudson River and into New York Harbor.

We boarded this giant sailboat while I fought the nerdy urge to put on a life vest.

Next, we were out to sea! The sails went up. The wind blew. The sea was rough that day, my friends (not really at all).

Our trusty crew consisted of a friendly band of bearded hipsters who not only worked the ship, but also tended to your beverage requests. Water, soda, juice? Nah. Wine, champagne and beer? That's more like it.

All beverages were included in your ticket price. They were also unlimited. Pork Slap Pale Ale anyone?

 The boat made its way along the West Side down to the Financial District...

before getting up close and personal with Lady Liberty.

Here's a video of our boat sailing away from the Statue of Liberty.

So long, Big Apple. We'll love you forever.


  1. Great post--but I think the links to the photos are broken! The video works and is nice!

  2. Hey CS! Thanks for the head's up. I think they are fixed now. Check them out and let me know? xo

  3. Still broken :( Your newest post from Silly Goose looks great though!