Tuesday, July 3, 2012

moonrise kingdom

We'd been in Nashville for less than 72 hours before we made our way to the historic Belcourt, ordered a glass of wine and caught Wes Anderson's latest release Moonrise Kingdom.

(illustrated movie poster available in Joe's Etsy shop)

I'll refrain from the obligatory post about how awesome the movie is except to say that it's adorable, hilarious and centered on the young love affair of Sam and Suzy. If you are a fan of Anderson flicks, I'd be surprised if Moonrise doesn't become one of your favorites.

Attention to detail is what we've come to expect from ol' Wes and he doesn't disappoint. Bruce Willis and Ed Nortion are also fantastic, but as Levar Burton would muse...don't take my word for it.

Let the always amazing (and slightly tipsy) Bill Murray fill you in.

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