Friday, December 6, 2013

nice pony!

Bobs are apparently the jam these days, but I've been growing my hair long for the past few months for one main reason. This girl loves a good ponytail.

Pinterest is filled with beautiful, grown-up versions of the hairstyle that really work for me this time of year. As we know, washing our hair everyday is no longer the goal. Especially in the colder months, the less washing and drying we do to our mane, the healthier (read: less dry and brittle!) our hair will be.

Here are a few gorgeous, messy ponies that work well for medium to long hair. Bonus? They look better a little tousled. So, get out that can of dry shampoo and your hair ties. It's time to whip that hair back and forth...or just pull it back, really.

Goop does brushed back, teased low pony in Elle Magazine. Bonus points for the dainty, unconventional tie. Very 60's.

This blonde stunner keeps the bed head look with part low pony, part bun. She keeps it work ready by wrapping a piece of hair around the tie. Classy move, madam.
This messy side ponytail featured on Cup of Jo comes complete with a tutorial. Click here for details. Jo's pal Caroline has starred in several hair tutorials. She is a stunner!

This is a similar pony to the lady at the top...just skewed slightly to the side.

P.S. New York Mag (we still get our subscription here in Nash) just posted this  fun slideshow of the 30 Best Ponies in History. Enjoy!

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