Saturday, December 7, 2013

the raleigh hotel, miami

Can we jut say "brrr?"

I'm suffering from a bit of weather whiplash here in Nashville. We had an appropriately chilly Thanksgiving, followed by a burst of springtime weather that led into...freezing rain, freezing temps and a whole week's worth of gray skies. Blech.

I'm escaping my weather woes by researching a spring getaway for me and the Mr. It's been a whammy of a year and a few days on a beach sound so very necessary. Sure a trip to an island sounds great, but what about Miami? It's close, cheap and Miami has the Raleigh Hotel.

Can you say magical?

This refurbished hotel has beach front access. It also stays true to its roots boasting that gorgeous art deco style that is so very South Beach.

Take me away!

P.S. The website has a nifty section where you can check out pics of the iconic hotel over the decades. It's neat to see it over the years. Check out that link here.

(all images via The Raleigh Hotel website)

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