Tuesday, January 21, 2014

flowers make you happier...and healthier?

Between the new house and the pregnancy, I've been non-stop nesting. When my energy level doesn't let me "keep on going," I give in to my current obsession: Pinterest. Virtual nesting is my my newest jam.

While pinning away last week, I came across this article from Apartment Therapy. It speaks not only to the emotional upside of keeping fresh flowers in the home, but also to the health benefits.

According to the article, researchers found that hospital patients who stayed in rooms with fresh plants and flowers had lower blood pressure, felt less anxious and less tired. The article also points out that flowers in the workspace increase efficiency. Very interesting indeed...

This bit of info comes in quite handy during the bleakest, wintry months of the year. See? Now you have an official reason to treat yourself to some buds (careful there).

Mix flowers with fruit. Use unconventional holders such as small bottles, mason jars, even pitchers. Experiment with smaller bundles at different heights. Get crazy!

I certainly plan to embrace this delightful excuse to brighten up my space.

P.S. To my Nashville peeps: If you feel like treating yourself to some exceptionally lovely blooms at wholesale prices, Geny's Flowers on Charlotte has an amazing, affordable selection. Most big bundles of blooms only cost $10. 

P.P.S. Our local grocery store stocks large lavender plants. Our kitchen now smells magical. It's a lovely surprise each morning all for less than ten bucks.

(all images via Pinterest)

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