Saturday, December 18, 2010

holiday cheer

Last night, we stopped by the Blue Ribbon Wine Bar on Downing Street in the West Village for a little bit of holiday cheer with some pals.

(images courtesy urban daddy and on the inside)

AK and I bypassed the enormous wine selection and settled on a cocktail called the Hummingbird.

(image courtesy beatinthebox)

This tasty concoction is made with St. Germain, Avinyo cava (a sparkling white wine), soda and garnished with two raspberries. Mmmm.

The drink was wonderfully delicious, and I'm now obsessed with scoring a set of the silver straw/flat spoons (see below) that came in handy not only for sipping our beverages, but also for fishing out da berries.

(image courtesy kblog)

This cozy, candlelit little nook sits right across the street from the famous Blue Ribbon Bakery.

(image courtesy gg eats)

Blue Ribbon's fried chicken has quite the reputation. Super anxious to try it before the New Year diet commences.

(image courtesy nyc foodie)

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