Thursday, December 9, 2010

holiday time

(image courtesy kelly ball)

As much as my mind still feels trapped in October, the holiday season is most definitely upon us!

Today I bought my first few gifts, and this evening is my company's annual holiday party which is being held in our offices. How Mad Men is that?

(image courtesy slant magazine and community)

Here's hoping for egg nog

and awkward singing/dancing with coworkers!

(images courtesy x-entertainment and jezebel)

Let the festivities begin!

P.S. Speaking of the office, here's a shot I snapped on my way home from work. The Rock Center Christmas Tree never fails to take my breath away.

Follow-up: For your viewing pleasure, a prom style, blurry Polaroid snapped on the 80's floor of our office party. The backdrop was a sign reading "Happy Bitchin' Holidays 1985." Stay classy!

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