Wednesday, December 22, 2010

simple dessert

(image courtesy jamie oliver)

How deliciously simple does this dessert by Jamie Oliver (spotted on frolic!) look?

Pair frozen grapes and a few pieces of really good chocolate (Jamie recommends dark) with chilled Grappa for guests to snack on post dinner.

The presentation is beautiful and the compliementary flavors in this simplified dessert would be a wonderful way to wind down a dinner party.

From Jamie Oliver's website:

If you’re having a nice night with mates and there’s good wine and some conversation happening then I think this is a lovely thing to bring out a few hours after dinner. It’s like a sorbet, but without the work. Fiery chilled grappa, good-quality chocolate and delicious frozen grapes are a great little combo that show you care and you’ve made a bit of effort. You could either use dark chocolate or a mixture of different flavours, depending on what you fancy.

Put your bottle of grappa and the grapes in the freezer about 2 to 3 hours before you want to serve them. Right before serving; give your bars of chocolate a good whack against the counter to break them up into large chunks.

Pile these chunks in the middle of a nice wooden board, arrange your frozen grapes beside them and serve with a nice little glass of grappa to sip on while you watch the grapes and chocolate disappear. So simple, but such a treat.

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