Monday, January 31, 2011

Rye in Williamsburg

On Saturday eve, we slipped and slid our way through the snowy streets of Williamsburg to dine at the nifty neighborhood restaurant

This pre Prohibition styled establishment is well imagined and styled almost scarcely with a beautiful antique oak bar, vintage mirrors, tiny tiled floors, etc. The building also features gorgeous tin ceilings and old fashioned light fixtures.

The purveyors opted for restoring the space (which was once an old factory) as opposed to constructing something new.

The crowd is young and lively in the restaurant's dark, candlelit rooms making Rye the perfect escape from the wicked winter weather. Also perfect for this time of year? The restaurant's serious cocktail menu

(image courtesy ny times mag)

and their hearty fare.

Meal highlights included this Scotch Egg

an out-of-this-world meatloaf sandwich

mac and cheese with bacon

pork belly and more.

(images courtesy rye)

The restaurant features no blazing signage so the building's simple facade might go unnoticed if you aren't looking for it. My advice? Seek it out. What's inside is certainly worth discovering.

(image courtesy brownstoner)

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