Wednesday, January 19, 2011

silver foxes

(image courtesy zoe writes)

My girlfriend and I love playing a game called "Who's Your Silver Fox?"

This game is wonderfully fun. It also can give you grade school sleepover flashbacks during your mid-week coffee break.

Example dialogue (***please note some names have been thinly veiled to falsely protect privacy***):

Friend 1: What's a silver fox?
Me: Um...well, I think... it means... a hot old dude.
Friend 1: Like Ted Danson?

(image courtesy gq)

See how how that works, friends? Much can be discovered about your nearest and dearest cohorts with this one simple question.

Lucky for me, my silver fox is featured in this month's Garden & Gun (wow, this magazine is made for city dwelling Southerners) in an article entitled "The Unlikely Ambassador of Bluegrass."

(image courtesy wicked little)

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