Friday, June 24, 2011

coolhaus ice cream sandwiches

Have you guys tried Coolhaus Artisnal Ice Cream?

If not, I recommend that you stalk their trucks (if you're in Austin, LA, NYC or the Hamptons). Search out one of the growing number of markets and restaurants who are now carrying their adorably packaged products (check out a list here) or stop by their LA store when it opens this summer.

In short, get some however you can.

If you don't, how will know how magical the brown butter with candied bacon ice cream sandwich is?

Named for modern architect Louis Kahn, this sammie serves the afore mentioned ice cream between two chocolate chip cookies. Yes, I am serious.

Even though I only had a few tiny bites (and split the rest with my dining companions), I'm 100% sure those rich, salty sweet bites are responsible for my renewed commitment to a strict summer diet.

Verdict? Amazingly delicious and totally worth it.

(images courtesy hobson's choice and cool haus)

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