Wednesday, June 1, 2011

midnight in paris

Pretty, pretty stoked to see Woody Allen's latest Midnight in Paris.

The movie has been getting great reviews (check out NY Mag's here) with critics comping it to the "good ol' days" of Allen comedies like Annie Hall and Manhattan. This sounds MUCH better than 2009's Whatever Works and much lighter than 2005's wonderful, but dark, Match Point.

Most Woody Allen flicks have great casts, but I'm really routing for Owen Wilson here. He looks quite charming in the role and has always been my favorite Wilson brother. Luke seems like such a mimbo (=male bimbo)!

Check out the trailer below. Rachel McAdams and Micheal Sheen look fabulous as well.

P.S. Saw it. Loved it. Currently rereading A Moveable Feast.

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