Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Have you ever seen Amadeus? If not, I highly recommend you clear your schedule and check it out as soon as possible! If for no other reason, it's absolutely necessary that you subject yourself to Tom Hulce's (Mozart in the film) absurd, little giggle.

The movie, based on the play of the same name, tells the story of Mozart's rise and ultimate decline.

You can count on grand, sweeping musical sequences. You may also feast your eyes on the over-the-top period costuming with an 80's edge (the movie was made in 1984, after all). But, beyond all of these things, you will lose yourself in the amazingly written and awesomely acted story.

Check out the trailer below, and forgive the quality. This movie is from a time before some of us were even born.

(images courtesy design *sponge)

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