Monday, July 18, 2011

currently cooking: hot corn salsa

One of my most favorite summer food is fresh, sweet corn. One of my other favorite foods? Salsa! See where this is going yet?

S and I have become addicted to this "hot corn salsa" which gets its name from the warm temperature at which it is served.

The recipe (originally spotted here) has undergone a few tweaks and substitutions since we first began making it.

For example, the original recipe calls for cooking the different veggies one by one and then combining them at the end. We've found that our NYC kitchen (if you can call it that) is happier with fewer bowls of ingredients sitting around. Answer? Double skillet duty.

This lets us heat up the corn (we really prefer to use fresh) and tomatoes simultaneously. Next, we add the onions

before combining all the veggies and other remaining ingredients.

Squeeze in your lime

and add in your hot sauce.

While the recipe calls for Tobasco, we sometimes use Cholula instead if we feel like a more subtle heat.

This salsa is delicious on the chicken fajita tacos featured in the link above, but this salsa's chilled leftovers are equally amazing on a salad or as there own side dish.

In short, this takes like summer in your mouth.

Bonus points for the fact that it's insanely diet friendly.

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