Monday, January 2, 2012

minoux jewelry

Portland-based Minoux Jewelry has been making the rounds on a few of my most favorite blogs over the past few months.

From their "Classic" options composed of dainty silver and gold creations to the bright and bold "Territory" collection, I really love their work.

Lucky for me, my darling little sis took note and gifted me their Tiny Bar necklace for Christmas. Adoring how simple and sweet it is...

Perhaps I'll return the favor with an option from their online shop sure to fit her fun and funky style. Top choices are as follows:

the appropriately named "Sisters Bracelet" (which would be all the rage at her next music fest),

these eye catching Coquille Earrings (because they've got attitude),

or, the ying to my yang, this hot pink Skyline Necklace (because being almost twinkies is fun).
(images courtesy minoux)

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