Monday, January 9, 2012

stripes, perCHANCE?

I've been a fan of stripe-centric clothing company Chance since they launched last year.

Founded by Julia Leach, the former EVP/Creative Director at Kate Spade, the brand is built around the classic wardrobe staple: a striped t-shirt.

Touted as the "paper clip" of personal style by the company's website, the shirt's simple and timeless appeal acts as a minimalist mentor for the other apparel on the brand's site. From vintage Vera scarves to pj's and totes.

Even though I never could resist a striped boatneck tee (I own 4?!), I find myself lusting after a few of the brand's other offerings.

Particularly these totes by illustrator Wayne Pate.

Check out the website here.

(images courtesy daily candy and chance)

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