Wednesday, September 19, 2012

mexican wool blankets

It's a sunny and brisk 47 degrees here in Nashville this morning. This morning's weather leaves little doubt that today is going to be one of those beautifully autumnal days that we look forward to all summer long.

It's the perfect morning for sipping something warm on the porch wrapped up in a cozy blanket. I vote for  a vintage Mexican options. Aren't they just groovy?

Though they are perfect for snuggly porch sitting or afternoon picnics

these wool blankets also make the perfect transitional binky for the bedroom. What a wonderfully simple way to take a cool white bedroom from clean and breezy to warm and snuggly.

Urban Outfitters offers the above options for only $24, but Etsy is filled with tons of vintage offerings certain to fufill all of your cuddling needs.

(images via urban outfitters, etsy, purple mainly)

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