Monday, November 15, 2010

Bloody, Bloody Mary

Yesterday afternoon, S and I met some our dear friends for brunch at Brother Jimmy's. Among the delicious snacks we all gobbled down-shrimp and grits, home fries, BBQ and even chicken and waffles!-the shining star of my meal had to be the bloody mary (pictured above).

Served with a lemon wedge, a lime wedge, 3 olives and pickled green beans, this tasty cocoction was filled with enough vegetable goodness to be a meal in its own right.

My photo above was taken after I nibbled on all the garnishes. Here's a photo of the fully loaded variety.

While I can't stop singing the praises of my cocktail, one of the most interesting drink options offered in the "Eye Openers" section of the menu has to be the Bloody Beer.

(images courtesy ny barfly and the gotham palate)

Our pal LD tried one and I must say two thumbs up! It's light, unexpectedly fizzy and pretty darn tasty.

Check out the recipe for making your own below.

Brother Jimmy's Bloody Beer (recipe via ny barfly)

Build in a Pint Glass –
Handful of Ice
½ Glass of Budweiser (or your beer of choice)
¼ Glass of tomato juice
Dash Tabasco
Dash Worcestershire
Juice from half a lime

*Worth noting? This recipe leaves out that the pint glass is rimmed with a salt/BBQ dry rub combo which makes the cocktail super tasty.

Cheers to sodium overload!

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