Monday, November 1, 2010

sniffle, sniffle

Welcome to November!

I'm feeling a bit discombobulated this morning, following a jam-packed, super fun weekend (by the by, New Yorkers, I highly recommend checking out the Houdini exhibit).

(image courtesy all posters)

I'd like to blame my (more than usual) wonkiness on the fact that it's a Monday, but I'm afraid the crazy weather and an impossibly packed schedule have taken their toll. I'm not officially calling "cold" on this one yet, but I am saying go away runny nose. There is too much work to be done and a David Sedaris reading to attend this evening!

As I sip our break room's questionnable green tea, I'm feeling inspired by Ana Bond's (the lady behind Rifle Paper Company) collection below titled "under the weather with class."

(image courtesy rifle paper co.)

A comfy blanket, a classic book, a cozy sweater (with sequins!) worn while sipping warm tea (in a gorgeous mug, naturally) all sound pretty good right now. Also, did watching an old movie starring that always debonnaire Cary Grant ever fail to make anyone feel better?

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