Saturday, August 20, 2011


We just returned from somewhat of an impromptu trip to Arizona. Wow. What a beautiful place...

I'm completely obsessed with the desert, the mountains and most of all the cacti (best word ever). Check out these gorgeous snaps.

While in Phoenix/Scottsdale we were lucky enough to check out local favorite America's Taco Shop.

The seemingly patriotic name actually comes from the restaurant's founder. The mastermind behind all of its delicious dishes is named America Corrales. America grew up cooking the same dishes with her mother and six brothers and sisters in Culiacán, Sinaloa in Mexico.

If ever I meet this woman, I might hug her. No kidding. Everything was that tasty.

We really dug this legit local flavor. Consistently voted "the best carne asada in the Valley", we dove right into the carne asada tacos

as well as the homemade agua frescas.

The horchata (third from right below) was cinnamon-y and sweet.
S couldn't get enough of the jamaica/hibiscus (pictured second from right below).

(image courtesy the hot sheet and phoenix new times)

Thanks, AZ!

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  1. Beautiful photos! Yum yum to carne asada and horchata.