Tuesday, August 16, 2011

currently cooking: s's summer pasta

The hubs and I spent the weekend laying pretty low. Somwhere between traveling for the past twelve weekends straight and getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday, we felt like taking it easy.

Lucky for me, S was in the mood to cook one of his awesome pasta dishes. The only requirement? It had to be soft enough that my sad little mouth could handle it.

He settled on this rocking recipe: Pasta with Proscuitto, Snap Peas, Mint and Cream.

It was obviously tasty, but to score himself even more points in the "best dude ever" category he snapped these clever pics of his handy work while he cooked. Cute overload.

He took a succulent freshly sliced cut of proscuitto from our local gourmet shop from this

to this.


Adding the proscuitto to the skillet with shallot and garlic made the kitchen smell divine.

An important note? Don't let the cream sauce throw you off. The mint and peas keep this meal from feeling too heavy. They produce a wonderful, fresh summery flavor.


(image courtesy food 52 and sam)

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