Monday, August 29, 2011

baxter knowlton

S and I were devastated to learn a few years ago that our favorite Oxford restaurant (and site of many of our early dinner dates) had closed.

L & M's was a wonderfully authentic, rustic Italian restaurant and salumeria on the town square. Sadly, their website is still kicking even if the kitchen isn't...

The restaurant had a wonderful ambience with deep mustard colored walls covered with oil paintings from Little Rock-based artist Baxter Knowlton.

I would love to save up and purchase one of Knowlton's pieces for our home one day. Not only do I love his work, but I'd love for us to dine under those same great pieces that overheard our first dinner conversations years ago.

Here are a few samples of Knowlton's works. Does anyone know a gallery where they are sold?

(images courtesy l & m's and arkansas arts council)

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  1. Thanks so much for this post and the kind words. L&M's was great, wasn't it? Feel free to write me at