Wednesday, November 21, 2012

rolf and daughters

One thing we love about living in historic Germantown are the adorable houses and quaint streets. The other is our proximity to some of Nashville's tastiest restaurants.

Famed City House, home of the world's most amazing ham pizza specials, is just around the corner. While Silo, with its tasty bar snacks and tart gimlets, is right downstairs!

When a chef pal of ours mentioned that Rolf and Daughters was opening only a few blocks away, we were stoked.

We made our way to chic, rustic space last night for a late dinner with our friend LC It was something.

The food was pitch perfect. For only opening a few days ago, I could hardly believe how each element of the meal was handled with relaxed precision. Our friend commented that it made her feel like she was back in NYC dining at the Hudson Hotel. Ah, memories...
Most plates are small and intended to be shared so we started out with the pate special, the white shrimp dish and the crostini. All were delicious, but the whipped ricotta, beets and pistachio that topped the crostini made it the easy winner for me.


The squid ink pasta with shrimp, quid and chorizo was unbelievable. S went for the steak with a side of perfectly roasted potatoes. LC went for the anything but boring roasted chicken. Disappointed we were not!

We ended things with  the Bambiloni's which are best described as fluffy doughnut holes filled with vanilla cream. What's that on the side you ask? Yeah, that's chocolate dipping sauce.

The scene is lively and we ran into 4 or 5 new friends who already knew our dining companion. The longer we live here the more we realize that Nashville really is one big small town. It really is lovely that way...

(images via rolf and daughters, yelp)

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