Monday, March 4, 2013

chalkboard walls

Would you ever turn a wall of your home into chalkboard? How about the inside of a pantry door? A playroom?

With my penchant for list making and love of cooking, I'm kind of digging the idea of painting some part of our kitchen with chalkboard paint. It's apparently as easy as buying a can from your local Home Depot.

So dears, what's the verdict? A fun idea or more trouble than it's worth? 

Even though I think it looks really cool, I wonder how you add chalk to the running list on your wall when out of chalk?

(images via pinterest)


  1. The joys of home ownership! You can actually do something like this :) Ahh, someday.

  2. We are hoping to close before the end of the month. Pending a few updates, we will be ready and waiting for your summer trip!