Sunday, March 17, 2013

a swell get up for...those brisk March mornings

March always sounds like springtime with daffodils and daylight savings time, but more often than not I find myself reaching for a scarf or a light jacket to see me through that morning chill. While the mornings may feel brisk, the afternoons turn sunny, almost warm, down here in Nashville.

The above Olsen twin impersonator has the right idea. Layering a classic jeans and t-shirt combo with a tailored blazer and a light scarf, keeps you warm in the morning while offering the chance to shed those layers as the day goes on.

Rolled up jeans and a killer pair of tall sandals, keep you springy enough to handle those weekend errands, meet friends for coffee or even an after work margarita on patio somewhere. Aviator shades optional.

Get the look below.

a swell get up for...those brisk

Navy boyfriend blazer, Topshop, $70
Organic scoop neck tee, John Patrick, $92
Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, J. Crew, $145
Blue linen scarf, John Lewis, $45
Crossbody envelope bag, Aldo, $ 35
Distressed skinny jeans, J Brand, $213
Brown heel sandals, Zara, $90

(image via walking around where the sidewalk ends)

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  1. See? She totally looks like you! Love this quick and easy outfit!