Thursday, March 14, 2013

peony candle

Anyone who has ever been to our place knows how obsessed I am with candles.

They instantly "cozy up" any space. From our tiny apartment back in NYC to our condo here in Nashville (and soon our first house), candles make any space feel special and intimate.

My current favorite flavor is Hothouse Peony by Royal Apothic ($26). The scent is deliciously floral with a hint of sandalwood. It makes the whole place smell magical.

Bonus? The candle also comes in the beautiful jar pictured above. The sculpted porcelain top is so sweet I can't wait to come up with alternative uses for it. The possibilities for recycling the jar really are endless as we may or may not have one of these candles in every room of our place.

Purchase your own or explore a different scent/color combo here.

(image via royal apothic)

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