Monday, March 11, 2013

GIRLS paper dolls

Is there anything worse than staying home sick on a Monday? Perhaps it's the nerd in me, but I really love the promise of a new week. Too bad the beginning of this week finds me couch surfing with a bottle of Nyquil, a binky and toasty puppy foot warmer.

In between naps, I used the time to catch up on GIRLS. Love it or hate it (I happen to love it...from the very first episode, by the by...), the show has been getting a ton of attention/praise/criticism.

Being a fan, I flipped for New York Mag's printable paper dolls of the Girls and the Guys of Girls. Pretty cute.

Here's a quick peek:

P.S. For you design junkies, here's a fun article from Imprint regarding the opening Deco typography. Isn't it cool to see what other openers might have been? They all seem so out of place.

(images via Imprint and New York Mag)

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