Friday, May 17, 2013


Happy Friday, friends! Flowers are blooming and my allergies are barking, but the weekend is nearly upon us so who can complain?

It's a dreary, rainy afternoon here in Nash so here are a few cheerful links to brighten the last few hours before the weekend officially begins.

1. Any of you crafty people out there ever heard of bubble printing? It looks fun and the results are lovely!   Click here for details on how you can create pretty cards, wrapping paper and more.

2. Check out this cool article on our pal Alex in Nashville Arts. Get a load of his kick ass lottery ticket sculptures. Unbelievably intricate.

3. Who cares what you're eating when it's served on these neon painted dishes? They're electric, baby.

4. The sweetest sapphire ring by Bianca Monros Gomez . So delicate...

5. Always and forever The Cure. Video link here.

(top image via modern hepburn; 1 via martha stewart, 2 via nashville arts/image by Anthony Scarlati, 3 image via nicoleporter design's etsy, 4 image via gomez/spotted on unruly things, 5 screenshot of "friday i'm in love" music vid)

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