Thursday, October 7, 2010

coffee table book

(image courtesy adam bartos)

Adam Bartos's book Yard Sale Photographs needs to jump onto my coffee table as soon as possible.

This wonderfully designed book (note the worn look of the cover and faux blue yard sale sticker) contains beautiful still life photographs composed of random odds and ends that could only come together at a yard sale.

From the book's description:

"[Bartos's] still lifes of "chance meetings" find compositional fodder in vacuum cleaners, flippers and board games, portrayed to suggest only the tiniest hint of formal properties.

Clean rendering and saturated pigmentation prevents these cast-off objects from accruing nostalgia, however, and they are closer in feel to an anthropological project than a rumination on bygone playthings."

(images courtesy bombsite and emily evans eerdman)

This book makes me want to watch a Wes Anderson movie.

(images courtesy srsly sweet and tumblr)

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