Sunday, October 17, 2010

do you dry shampoo?

For those of us with "difficult" hair, the process of styling your hair daily equates to a serious waste of time! Seriously. I can think of a million more interesting ways to spend my days-

Still, no one wants to leave the house with nasty, flat, dirty hair so what's the solution?

Answer? Dry shampoo. Quite simply, it is the best invention. Ever.

(image courtesy allure)

There are numerous brands/options on the market these days, but my tried-and-true favorite since 2007 is Oscar Blandi's powder version (image above). It smells delicious and can take your hair from nasty hat head to classy business lady in two seconds flat.

I recommend using with Blandi's Jasmine Protein Mist for a bouncy, clean mane.

(image courtesy ulta)

Know before you buy? Powdered dry shampoos are much more effective than the spray can versions. They also last 3x's as long.

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