Sunday, October 24, 2010

It's pumpkin time

Pumpkin season is most definitely upon us. Allow me to introduce our tiny friend who we've named Marvin.

One of my favorite fall pastimes has always been picking out the perfect pumpkin. Our college town, Oxford, always has an amazing pumpkin selection at St. Peter's on the town square.

(images courtesy lostaire)

Since we're far away from Mississippi, we adopted Marvin from our local market.

In honor of this fun season, I suggest sipping a giant pumpkin spice latte

(image courtesy vanilla coffee)

and nibbling on a decadent pumpkin scone.

(image courtesy lily girls magazine)

I highly recommend the ones pictured above from the always adorable Alice's Tea Cup in NYC.

(images courtesy wedding bee, nymag)

P.S. Have you guys picked out your Halloween costumes yet?

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