Tuesday, October 19, 2010

gross man hair

The Fug Girls (of the hilarious site Go Fug Yourself: Because Ugly is the New Pretty) make an appearance in this week's New York Mag to discuss "the epidemic of masculine follicular follies" taking place during this fall season's movies and television shows.

This, obviously, makes me quite happy.

While the print version of the magazine features a really wonderful chart, here are a few highlights pulled from the magazine's website.

Let the nastiness begin.

Ed Norton in Stone

"We know Norton is a Serious Actor, and if his cheesy mullet-cornrows were integral to getting into character as a scary, manipulative arsonist, then we fully endorse that as a healthy alternative to going Method via torching somebody's barn. That being said, we firmly believe someone should have told him that he looks less like a bad-ass convict and more like K Fed — and even he hasn't been scary since 2006."

Zach Galifianakis in Due Date

"It's not like Galifianakis has ever touted his rusty locks as a modern-day rival to Fabio's. But in Due Date, they seem teased into an especially lively pubic shrub. Presumably he's playing it all for laughs, given two other stills featuring equally wacky dos — a driver's license picture that resembles the Heat Miser, and a black-and-white glamour shot that recalls Augustus Gloop — but it's no less disturbingly hypnotic."

Phillip Seymour Hoffman in Jack Goes Boating

"Remember when Phillip Seymour Hoffman showed up at the Oscars wearing a black stocking cap, and explained that it was because he had really, really bad hair for a movie role, and everyone scoffed, "How bad could it be, Phil?" This bad, which … wow. That cap was the right call, dude. Consider our scoffing officially retracted."

Jason Ritter in The Event

"The rumor mill suggests Ritter is a super-nice guy, and his Sean Walker is about the only rootable character on 24: Lost Edition. Sadly, we're not so much cheering for him to find his missing fiancée as we are for him to rob a drugstore for some shaving cream and a five-blade Gillette: All that carefully sparse facial hair does is make him look untrustworthy and wussy. Don't say he doesn't have the time amid surviving a plane crash, getting shot at, and being on the lam, because he somehow found a moment to put all that gel in his locks. Priorities, man."

(all images and descriptions courtesy new york mag)

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