Thursday, December 29, 2011

reading at the plaza

After a wonderful trip home for Christmas, we had little time for the "Christmas blues." We returned a few days ago to a jam packed NYC still decked out in holiday decor.

Prime example? Why, The Plaza Hotel!

I was lucky enough to do a reading of my book Hootenanny! there yesterday afternoon in the oh-so-very-pink Eloise room.

The kids were adorable (see above) as was the venue. Little girl heaven!

Thanks to my dears who were able to be there. And, for my sweet pal R who was stuck at the office, here is a pic of the pink tree as promised.

(image courtesy ejb)


  1. Beyond fantastic! Wish I could have been there!!! XXOO

  2. Aw-thanks!! It was pretty fun :) Miss your face! xo