Sunday, December 18, 2011

weekend snaps

For the first time this holiday season, this weekend actually felt festive. Our friends A and L were in from Chicago and with much to celebrate. They just got engaged! Congrats, dears!

Here are a few snaps from a very happy weekend filled with good friends and good times. At last, I'm in a holiday frame of mind.

trimming the tree
a row of pretty vintage hand mirrors spotted at Stanton Social

S and my Christmas gift to each other arrived early-a beautiful painting by Baxter Knowlton (remember this post?)

fancy clementines on a dainty silver tray and a happy Christmas tree at our pals L & D's joint

a rad light up Ford sign at our fave dive bar Motor City

and last, but not least, ice cold milk and warm chocolate chip cookies enjoyed while watching Love Actually (you know it's good).

1 comment:

  1. Oh it was a fabulous weekend indeed. Glad we could help get you in the holiday spirit! XXOO Miss you already.