Wednesday, August 15, 2012

a month of working girls

Christina Tosi, chef/owner of Momofuku Milk  Bar in NYC
Have you guys been reading Refinery 29's August series called "A Month of Working Girls?" If not, may I suggest you start!

The concept is a simple. Each day for the month of August the site posts a story about awesome female movers and shakers who are doing it for themselves (if you caught the cheesy song reference, say "heeeey"...).

From pastry chefs to florists, photographers to youth music teachers, every story is centered around the same main thesis. Are these gals successful? Of course! But the point is they got that way by working hard at something they truly love. How's that for a dose of inspiration on this hump day?

15 interviews to be read, 15 more still to come. Happy clicking!
Candace Waldron owner of Jumelle Boutique in Brooklyn
Madeline Fawcett and Meredith Bichsel, co-founders of Project MM, a beauty PR firm
Bee Shyuan Chang, freelance writer
(all images via refinery 29)

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